Join Me

Turn off the phone, auto reply your emails, kick back relax and see what is out there – you maybe surprise – you may re-ignite why you  decided to live in the Wakatipu in the first place or have return here – maybe you have a holiday home.

Don’t watch the news – if something happens that is really important to you – I can at a guess expect that someone will make contact with you and tell you. We worry about too many things in this life that really are not of our concern or have control over

I live by – if there is a problem, I ask myself: am I in control of this? Can I change this?  Can I make a difference?  If the answer is YES  then I get to it and give it my very best.  If the answer is NO then I leave it alone as the problem is probably not mine to own.  I’m probably sticking my nose into and worry about something that I have no control over or is not my problem….  Like the weather!

So there you go.  Lets go out and find some interesting things that are right under our noses and most of us don’t even know about them.

Cheers Vickie

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