Taking your favourite Companion (Dog) for a walk

I like to take our dog Bess (a standard black poodle).  With a dog comes, poo bag and another plastic bag so that it is easy to attach to day pack, lead, thin comb to take the burrs off her coat and stuff that can make her walking uncomfortable.  This may depend on the type of coat your dog has.

I also take in a plastic bag a couple of table spoons of washing powder crystals.  I can hear you asking why?  The reason is that if your dog is off the lead and comes across say some dead rabbit or opossum that may have had 1080 poison and your dog eats it – it will be dead in minutes or seconds.

The signs are – dog collapses and froths at the mouth, if you are quick put the washing crystals in the mouth and pour your water to wash them down.  It will make the dog vomit the stomach contents immediately and could save your pets life.  You would need to get it to a vet immediately.  Make sure you do not touch your face etc after touching the dogs mouth area.

It is a good idea to keep your dog on a lead for this reason and don’t let it touch any dead animal.

Likewise, for yourself – don’t touch any dead animal especially if you can’t see how it died.  We too can die from this poison.

“Bess” on the Kingston walk

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