A pleasant  30 minute drive in itself along lake Wakatipu, locally just call the Kingston road.

As you near Kingston its good to take a look across the lake and imagine the line that looks like a cut in the bush line and this is your track, your challenge for today.   

Turn right into Kingston, pass the corner store and follow the road to roads end on the Kingston pier. You will pass the old Kingston flyer buildings and the remain of the train and water tower.

The track starts nice and easy, just a stroll in the park!  Well to start with it is!

There is a great little spot just along the track where I could easily see myself during the summer months: take a book, picnic, tip to the lake.

We walked along the track, one waterfall and a gate.  Beyond this gate we did come across some dead possums on the track and  we were very curious of them., as we had our four legged friend with us – Bess. The track is still good enough,   even though it narrows a little.  It is a little up and down, my Microsoft watch told me we did 107 floors.  But still an easy walk.  Our return walk was 10km, 14,778 steps on the ‘Microsoft watch’  around 3 hours  – we did not hurry and stopped to do photographs and have snacks.


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