Always:  Text or tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to be back

Text or call them on your return so they know you are back.

Of course, when you tell them what you are going to explore they will probably want to come to.

What to take:

Day pack:  bottle water, sunscreen, insect repellent, snack bar, fruit, cell -phone, camera (because I love taking photos) sunglasses, hat

I also like to throw in the following

  1. Panadol
  2. Band-Aids for blisters on heel, base of feet, maybe hand etc if you fall over
  3. I take some over pants (golf ones) and a thin jacket encase the weather turns cold.  We are in the mountains or if you fall and needed to wait for help to arrive – the ability to keep warm is important to one survival. 

What to wear:

Footwear is the most important – I like my Kathmandu walking boots.  They are old, so comfortable and it does not matter what the track is like, they have a good sole.

Clothing – one needs to wear what is appropriate for the day.  I like to wear layers, and take an extra in the car encase the weather is slightly different from where we live. Summer shorts are good, otherwise I like tights, just so that those sand-flies can’t find there way in.  Socks are really important to me as the feet lose at least 1 cup of water a day and if you are walking a great distance, then this moisture can be of damage to the condition of ones feet.  So good socks.


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